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Research & Training

Geosphere provides upstream oil and gas consultancy services to producers, consultants and research institutions. Our services are used primarily for the purposes of well planning and completion design. Our focus is on complex challenges which require more comprehensive, tailor-made solutions than on routine services based on well-established workflows. Geosphere’s projects have often concerned drilling and completions in challenging, high stress reservoirs.


Geosphere is able to draw upon a background of more than 30 years consultancy experience in the application of geomechanics to engineering activities. As required, projects may be supported by external technical specialists who have a proven track record and are well known to us from previous working relationships. Our clients range from supermajor to emergent oil companies, from specialist consultants to prominent, leading and rapidly growing consultancy organisations offering a wide range of services in both petroleum and civil engineering.

Our specialist services include:


• Geomechanical evaluations, including reservoir description and data acquisition programs, evaluation of the response of shale gas reservoirs to fracture stimulation, regional or structure-specific stress descriptions for location of sweetspots and well planning.


• Well performance and drilling assessments in cases where severe skin damage or wellbore instability is encountered or expected.


• Research & Training


• Rock testing